Globe Cycle

Only tangentially related to my interests, but on two wheels so worth a nod, is James Bowthorpe’s attempt to beat Mark Beaumont’s round-the-world cycling record.

The BBC produced a great show covering Mark’s attempt, but if you didn’t see that there’s a brief documentary on YouTube.

Mark managed a tough regime of 100 miles a day covering 18,297 miles in 20 countries in 194 days.  An outstanding achievement for sure, but it was the attitude spirit of the man that was the most inspiring aspect of his effort.

James Bowthorpe intends to beat the record by some margin; basically increasing the daily mileage by 20% and covering the distance in a mere 150 days.

You can track his progress on a Google maps based website which is updated every 10 minutes and you can follow his blog or his twitter feed too.  A very 21st century attempt!

Brilliant though he is, you’ve got to say his beard’s let him down a bit!

Bike Skills

Awesome.  As kids probably used to say about 5 years ago.