Up and running…

Whilst avoiding the great, but scary, outdoors yesterday morning I had a dream.  Well, an idea anyway.  Two hours on the rollers does that to you.  I think it also makes you slightly delusion.  When exercising beyond a certain intensity I find that it is possible to think, but only in fragments.

Anyway, my idea was to create a cycling specific blog.  I don’t like to fill my regular blog two-wheeled ramblings – it would break up the stream of cute pictures of animals interspersed with bad tempered outburts of foul-mouthed righteous anger.

So here it is.  I’ve done the easy bits.  Well, relatively easy bits.   I chose WordPress as the blog engine which is OK, in a manner of speaking.  It has taken me a long time to do even a bit of basic tailoring of the site and I still don’t seem to have the control I want.  And I had to pay a tenner just to do a bit of custom CSS.

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