Dragon Ride 2009

Mixed day in the office for this one. 


  • A good but not great time
  • Managed to hold on to the end despite doing a 50km solo effort
  • Great weather
  • For those not struck with misfortune, a good day for the Bigfooters
  • Event – much better start, good route, well marshalled, well signed, high five drinks at feed stations


  • My new super-shoes nearly killed me
  • Missed the chance of setting a great time if I could have found more riders to work with or had been more patient
  • Something went wrong nutritionally.  Felt terrible the whole ride
  • I experienced all kinds of new leg pain, not least some nasty cramping.  Probably down to the new position on the bike which’ll take time to get used to
  • Event – food at feed stations still crap (I only stopped at the half-way point though), poor facilities at the end (after a long ride I need a drink of champions – ie a Diet Coke), not sure about the extra 10 miles this year – 119 miles is a tad long.

Respect to AndyC who put on a brave face having had a very mixed day – missed the group start, but then ended up riding with Dan Lloyd (!), but then rear derailleur blew up.  Another terrific ride by DaveM.  And bad luck to DaveC who rode strong and very smart and has earned himself another 6,000 trouble-free miles after getting yet another puncture on ProRace3s.

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  1. 1 Dave C said at 10:47 am on June 15th, 2009:

    If I had found a stick, I would have thrashed the tyre, Basil Fawlty style. My puncture free miles, fingers crossed, will be on Continentals.

    How bad are Welsh roads, we all survived Flanders, but the Dragon bit back. yesterday.