Marmotte ‘09 Stats

So, before I forget, some final stats of the ride.

Position Time


Pos (cat)

Pos Gain

Glandon 1hr42



Telegraph 3hr35




Galibier 5hr09




Alpe D’Huez 7hr27




Alpe D’Huez Ascent 1hr10




The figures fortunately bear out my story :-) .  I had a bit of a disaster on the Glandon followed by a steady improvement in position as the ride went on. 

Overall I finished 262nd which is pretty good out of 5,300 finishers – not least as I was ahead of a considerable number of the 400 ‘elite’ starters.  Within my category (ie 30-39 year old males) I finished 119th out of 1,600 riders.

Not a staggering ascent of the Alpe – though there’s a couple of extra minutes in there for the stop at the support vehicle.  Either way, Pantani can breathe easy.

Amazingly the fastest time of the day was 6hr09 which puts my efforts into perspective!

The full ride details are here.  In summary

Ride time 07:27:15
Total Distance 175km (108.8 miles)
Total Climb 4927m (16, 165 feet)
Average Heart Rate 156bpm
Max Heart Rate 176bpm
Average Speed 23.3 km/h (14.5 mph)
Max Speed 70.5 km/h (43.8 mph)
Calories (est) 8,650 kcal

And the best official picture

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  1. 1 Simon Roberts said at 4:31 pm on July 28th, 2009:

    Would you mind sharing with me what (and how much) you ate and drank on the day please.