London Triathlon 2009

I had the pleasure to compete in the London Triathlon again this year at the Excel centre.  I’m still a complete spaz in the water and can’t swim so I’m confined to doing the Team Olympic event – but it’s no less fun for that.

We managed to put together two intuitive (the company I work for) teams that would compete against about 400 others on the day.  The event consists of a 1.5km swim, a 40k bike ride and a 10k run.


The positions are shown out of 385 which was the total number of teams that completed the event.  Some terrific efforts, not least ‘occasional swimmer’ LesD managing a not inconsiderable 31 minute swim and DaveS rocking up without any specific training and running a 40 minute 10K.

Alas the pictures didn’t come out very well again!

PS Les has a justgiving site if you fancied donating some money to his chosen charity – not least as it involves men’s bums – an intuitive favourite!

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