CycleOps Pro 300PT Spin Bike

Well, with a baby on the way some compromises need to be made.  Not least a clearing of the second bedroom for it’s conversion into a nursery – the cheek.

My indoor training is going to be relegated into the third bedroom amongst other inconveniences (god I need a garage!).  The best solution seems to be to get a spin bike, and this cheeky chappy seemed to best fit my needs.


It’s made by the same guys that make the PowerTap and has the same facility to download the workout data into the excellent WKO+.  It should be much quieter than the turbo and it has a 25kg flywheel so should ‘feel’ better too. 

This then frees up my Trek bike to become my official winter training bike, complete with PowerTap.  Which frees up my titanium winter bike from last year to be sold on eBay.

The last big advantage is that the power data for all of my riding (indoor and out) will be downloadable.  CTL and TSS – bring it on!

The biggest fear – the same fate befalls it as the vast majority of indoor trainers; it becomes a very expensive dirty clothes rack!

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