Well, it has been a disastrous few weeks – I almost can’t remember the last time I rode a bike on tarmac.

Therefore I have to train indoors, which is at best a mixed blessing.  The biggest problem is countering the ever-present problem of boredom. There are a few strategies to stave off madness.

First is the choice of training device, either rollers or the turbo trainer.  The rollers are kind of fun as you are never far from an accident.  The lack of forward motion means that you have to work just to stay on the bloody thing.  The downside is that it’s not really possible to do seriously hard work – there’s not enough resistance for a start, and even if there was it would be a hazard as you’re so unstable an accident is just waiting to happen.  You can get plenty of resistance on the ‘turbo’ but as there is no chance whatsoever of coming off the boredom level naturally increased.

The second is feedback.  For example, see the WKO+ output from my turbo session yesterday.


The session involved 3 sessions of 20 minutes at a hard pace with 5 minute recovery periods in between.  This is a slightly controversial twist on a more common 2×20 (or 2 times 20 minutes) session.  I basically train very slightly less hard than I would for 2 sessions, but obviously with an extra session.

The yellow line is the power ouput, which I maintained about 280W, the red line is my heart rate which you can see slowly climb throughout each session and the green is the cadence, which also, suprisingly crept up, in each session.

Anyway, a tough(ish) session but at least it wasn’t boring!

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