First Race of 2010, First DNF

Well, not quite the start to the 2010 season I was after!

PaulS kindly picked me up and drove me to the venue; Hog Hill.  Not the finest day weather-wise to be honest.  After the winter we’ve had the fact it wasn’t freezing bloody cold was some consolation but it was wet and windy.

We bumped into DaveC and ReubenE in the car park and it was a pleasure to meet up, get signed in and get changed.  That was roughly where the pleasure ended.

The last, and only, time I’ve raced at Hog Hill I breezed the ride.  I didn’t score any points, but I was very comfortable indeed with the pace.  Not today.  It was hard work.

The course was heavy with standing water and I had a wet arse and feet after 10 minutes of warming up. 

The race kicked off and I was expecting a few easy laps while I considered my strategy.  That did not happen.  The pace was pretty sharp from the outset, though by about the 4th or 5th lap I found myself at the front and kicking my own arse.  I spent a lap at the front which may or may not have done for me. 

The graph below shows my power output in yellow and my heart rate in red.  The dotted yellow shows my rough (+/- 15W) FTP (threshold power).


Even though the pace had settled down I was feeling pretty fatigued.  The race was split up, with a couple of breakaways, lots of stragglers inexplicably continuing to ride even after being lapped and a small peloton.

At about 45 minutes I slowed, waved on those behind me, and made my last ascent of the hill at the end of the lap.  Funny; but quitting always feels like a psychological rather than a physiological failure.  Either way it was pretty disheartening.

Luckily ReubenS had also quit so I had some company as I watched DaveC and PaulS battle on.  Both finished the race; PaulS even putting in a really good effort with a sprint to finish 12th; not bad at all as two breakaways hoovered up the first 10 spots.

The stats from the ride were quite interesting.


I spent a third of the race in L6 (anaerobic, that is > 363W) – that is unsustainable in theory I think and in practise it turned out this way. 

My peak power, or ‘best x minutes’ are as follows

Time Peak Power
5 mins 390W
10 minutes 359W
20 minutes 346W
30 minutes 338W
Total Ride 332W

I’m not sure if these figures are good, bad or indifferent. If I’d finished the race I’d be quite pleased with them :-) .

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  1. 1 Simon Roberts said at 6:04 pm on March 22nd, 2010:

    Err, were you racing with Pro’s? Are all the races over there that hard?

    Those numbers are, I agree, unsustainable! I would have been one of the stragglers.

    Looks like the early pace was punishing, and the heart rate never had the chance to settle into a more comfortable zone.

    By contrast, I did a nice gentle sportive on Sunday (Burgess Hill Spring Classic) and even saw some sun.

    Where is the Parlee, by the way?

  2. 2 paulnixon said at 8:56 pm on March 22nd, 2010:



    No. I’ve done one race at Hog Hill before, and PaulS several, and none have been this tough.

    Just about the only good thing about the race was that I didn’t bring shame on the Parlee. I’ve still not got round to picking it up yet!