Surrey League Goodwood Motor Circuit

Nice early start.  Doubly so.  I couldn’t be 100% certain that my Blackberry would adjust for Daylight Saving Hours so I set it an hour early just in case.

I picked up the estimable ReubenE at 06:45 and we headed down to the circuit.

We arrived in plenty of time so we had a bit more time for banter that was probably more to my taste than poor Reuben.  It was pretty chilly too.

About 40 or 50 riders lined up at the start.  The race started at a dire pace.  Not for Reuben as he instantly went on the attack however he was quickly re-absorbed back into the bunch.  In fact Reuben made 6 attacks in total with a spirit that was most admirable.

I was trying to ride sensibly and conservatively which I did and for 30 minutes averaged on 215W which is comfortably less than “all-day pace”.  This should have left me plenty of spare horse-power which was probably the case.  But I didn’t feel amazing and I just lacked the will, or motivation, or knowledge, or inspiration to know what to do.  I slowly edged toward the front of the bunch (which contained a couple of dreadful riders) and for a reason I can’t remember put in a bit of a dig to no particular effect which went nowhere for a couple of laps.   Merely pulling the bunch along.  After a couple of laps of this nonsense I backed off to conserve a bit of energy.

With two laps to go I put in a proper dig into the wind.  It looked for a while like I might be able to get away but I was pulled back into the bunch.  I had one last roll of the dice on the final ‘climb’ and I gave it full beans but could not get away and instead I dragged the bunch up the hill.

With a couple of corners to go I backed off.  It was a bit of a sausage party and I didn’t fancy getting caught up in any mess in the chicane.

Some middling stats for a middling ride

Ave Power 288W

Distance 50km

Ave Speed 39.2kph

TSS 117.4

Congratulations to ReubenE who rode with enterprise and spirit. 

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