Rouleur Magazine

Receiving Rouleur Magazine is always a bit of a treat.  Each one is a thing of beauty and there are usually an article or two of interest.  However, this quarter’s is fantastic.  The contents are as follows

  • Jan Hirt by Herbie Sykes and Ben Ingham
  • Never Give an Inch by Johnny Green
  • Shimano: Part Two by Guy Andrews and Taz Darling
  • Gino by Herbie Sykes
  • England by Rouleur Photographers
  • Columbus by Guy Andrews and Ben Ingham
  • Le Metier by Michael Barry and Camille J McMillan
  • The Knowledge by William Fotheringham

The Jan Hirt thing looks particularly fascinating as it follows a 18 year old as he tries to cut it becoming a pro.  This will be an ongoing feature in coming magazines.

And, of course, it’s chock full of beautiful photography, including some from the UK.



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  1. 1 Hugh said at 10:59 pm on April 15th, 2010:

    Rather let down by the poor quality paper that they inexplicably used for the England bit I thought. Or was it extra good quality paper that I’m incapable of appreciating?