Goodwood 11th April 2010

Not too bad-wood anyway.

Much better outing today.  I decided early on that a dull “tactical” ride was not for me so rode in a manner much more natural for me.  Fortunately a couple of other riders were of a similar frame of mind and so it ended up being a nice spirited race.

Despite the pace being the same as the last race (average 39kmph) it felt windy practically for the whole lap which meant that a) it was hard work and b) there was little chance of a break getting away.

I spent most of the race in the first 3 or 4 places doing good long turns on the front.  Tactically unsound of course but a much more enjoyable way to spend time.  In contrast to the last race where the entire 75-strong bunch stayed together today’s effort was more fragmented; and the better for it.

I had another pathetic dig off the front which came to nothing.  With 3 laps to go no-one else seemed keen to pull the remainder of the peloton around so I did.  With less than half a lap to the end I expected riders to come flying by me as I was pretty knackered.  They did but I should have had a little more faith as I was able to start re-taking the lost places on the hill.

I finished up outside the top 10 but reasonably strongly considering the efforts that I’ve made during the race.

Average power (normalized) for the ride was 323W for 1hr17 minutes; the best  20 minutes was 336W.  The figures sound pretty good but my race-craft is still sadly lacking.

Not too sure what happened to ReubenE but he was still showing pretty strongly at the end so he can’t have been doing too badly.  More importantly he was great company which made for another enjoyable outing.

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