Pretorius Ti Bike

Long time no hear eh?  In fairness I’ve had little to report. I still ride my bike a lot but not competitively – not even organised rides.  I’m still kicking my own arse a bit as you can see from the graph below.  For the uninitiated pink above blue means working hard and building fitness. The lower the yellow line the more knackered I feel; linked with low carb dieting to try and lose weight it’s been a tiring couple of months.



Anyway, enough wittering on about my junk mile obsession.  I’m here to report that I have a new bike.


Despite taking innumerable pictures I’ve really struggled to do it justice; anyway it’s a Pretorius Kranspoort. It’s got a beautiful satin finish, Enve forks and Ultegra group.

Never heard of the brand?  It’s the brainchild of ex-pro rider Jean-Claude Pretorius.  He has designed his own frame and put his name on it.    He has a fabulous shop/workshop in Shoreditch and, in a similar experience to buying the Parlee from Bespoke, provides a first class level of service. Included in the price was a good quality bike-fit too.

I’ve struggled to decide how to replace the old Focus – the loyal workhorse that I’ve run up tens of thousands of miles on.  I didn’t really want a so-so carbon bike.  I wanted some comfort.  And I wanted something a little unusual – but discrete.  And I wanted to part with my cash gratefully and willingly.

I decided to visit JC and with the hope that I’d find all of these things – and I did.  Buying a bike of a genuine cycling enthusiast and more so an enthusiast for his product is really how things should be done.  I did a quick ride on a test bike and was delighted with the feel of the bike.  I wanted to fall in the love  – and I did.


With a two-week lead time it was a no brainer.

The initial feel of the bike is great – I lack both the experience and vocabulary to relate the riding experience; and time will tell how it performs on longer rides.  But I feel instantly at home on it – even battling as I did down the busy A23 through London to get home.

Do you buy a bike because it’s designed and sold by an ex-pro?  Or because he’s a great guy?  Or because you want to support an entrepreneur? Or because a bike is beautiful?  Or because it rides wonderfully? Or because you want something a little different? Actually for all of these reasons – the case is compelling.

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